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How to get the European Ecolabel ?


The ongoing process to obtain a European Ecolabel is divided into 3 main steps:

Step 1: evaluation
  • 1st assessment: check the criteria deviation, non-compliance or non-applicability,
  • Set up an action plan: actions, responsible, deadline,
  • Create an “Ecolabel committee” with the head of each  of department.
Step 2: implementation
  • Comply with mandatory criteria and reach the minimum point required,
  • Train your staff on “the eco-gestures”,
  • Prepare the application form: collect all the proof.
Step 3: audit preparation
  • Fix an audit date & Send the application form,
  • Mock audit to  check potential deviation,
  • Audit,
  • Clarifications process & Audit report,
  • Certification & award ceremony,
  • Communicate officially.
The process can takes 6 to 12 months. The ShMILE 2 project will help you all along the certification process until the mock audit. The ShMILE 2 team in Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Greece, Italy and France will svae your time providing you advice and support to reach the certification.

Be supported to get the European Ecolabel!

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