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The Global objective of the “ShMILE 2 project – from experimentation to dissemination of the Ecolabel in the Mediterranean” is to contribute to sustainable development and to the reduction of environmental risk in the Mediterranean Basin through the promotion of sustainable tourism

The reduction of tourism sector pressure on environment in the Mediterranean region will be achieved  through the dissemination of certification schemes for tourist accommodation services.

Thanks to cross-border cooperation, the project aims to reinforce tourism accommodation professional’s skills, and to train/prepare future generations to support a more sustainable tourism sector.  To reach this goal, a campaign of awareness and information will be carried out, as well as the design and dissemination of training and support tools.
Also, the project aims to increase public awareness of environmental issues through a wide-reaching communication campaign, to reinforce the demand for Eco-labeled tourism accommodation.

To achieve these objectives, 11 organizations from 6 different countries (Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Greece, Italy and France) will work together to implement a set of activities.

Today tourism is a vital economic issue for many Mediterranean countries. Development of sustainable tourism is a way to sustain the first sector of the regions involved. It is thus necessary to protect our environmental resources that are the raw material of tourism in the Mediterranean: the beauty of our landscapes and our rich biodiversity.

ShMILE 2 Obectives:
  • Support tourism professionals, in particular tourist accommodation services and help them to reach new markets for the future: sustainable tourism.
  • Develop a regional cooperation between Southern and Northern Mediterranean countries to ensure a sustainable development of the tourism sector and strengthen political and economic links.
  • Ensure environmental sustainability (sustainability) of the first economic sector in the partner regions.
  • Involve local stakeholders in tourism development in the implementation of the project ShMILE 2 and disseminate the project results at a regional scale.

ShMILE 2 Expected Results:

  •  3 studies carried out: 
- Appraisal of the Eco-certified tourist accommodation services spread in each partner country
- Positioning of the tourist accommodation services on the European ECOLABEL criteria to measure global environmental performance in the Mediterranean.
- Level of the actual demand for Eco-labelled accommodation services.
  • 3 seminars to share experience (north / south), as well as to inform and educate key actors on the instruments of dissemination and implementation of the European Ecolabel.
  • 12 regional workshops to raise awareness of tourism professionals and young graduates on the Ecolabel opportunities for the tourism accommodation services sector.
  • Train 360 tourist accommodation service’s staff and 90 young graduates/students to the EU Ecolabel implementation.
  • Develop, adapt and transfer supporting tools and material to Southern Mediterranean countries to ease/facilitate the EU Ecolabel implementation.
  • Support 180 tourist accommodation services to obtain the European Ecolabel.
  • Organisation of a regional day of tourism in Nice and participation to international conferences to inform the tourist demand (6000 participants)on the advantages of eco-labelled structures, and to promote good local practices.

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