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SustainableTourist Accommodation - Italy, Sardinia


Le Torri **** 
Le Torri Hotel is located in the center of Arborea, a town connected with a legendary past and a present under the sign of the culture, flavors and traditions. Its outer structure at the reception, the American bar to 38 rooms are spread over three floors of the complex shaped in a U. The hotel’s electricity is solely reliant on a photovoltaic system placed over the parking lot of the building.

Best practices in sustainable development:
  • The photovoltaic system, producing more than 100% of the electric energy required by the building

Nascar ****
Nascar Hotel is located in Santa Maria Navarrese, in the beautiful and still unspoiled part of the Ogliastra region, in the central eastern part of Sardinia. The nature in which it occurs is enviable, between the blue sea and the mountains. Suitable for those looking for a homely hotel , genuine and warm , away from the crowds and worldliness
The building was originally used as a granary and then be used at a later time for the production of wine. While retaining the original architecture, the hotel has been made ​​warm and inviting and features a contemporary Sardinian style.

Best practices in sustainable development:

  • The Historic building was restored with artisanal materials such as wood, granite and ceramic.
  • Part of the “KM 0” campaign, the hotel’s restaurant exclusively sells typical sardes meals using local products.

Stazzi di Gallura ***
Stazzi di Gallura Li Scalitti village is located on a hill with a view over the enchanting Asinara Gulf sea sunsets .It consists of 3 small villages, each with 12 apartments, all located in panoramic and quiet areas between the town and the sea. The architecture is typical of the old "stazzo" (fold), mostly in its all-wood furniture, coming from the old "Gallurese" style. 
Best practices in sustainable development:
  • Built on measure according to environmental and   cultural sustainability criteria
  • A cork layer made in Sardinia has been added along the external walls   and on the roof to minimize cooling and warming energy.

Villa Asfodeli  ***  
Charming and bike hotel located in village on the western Sardinian coast called Tresnuraghes. The building is a refurbished old house sited in the ancient hamlet. Villa Asfodeli also specialized on active tourism by offering local tours such as cycling, trekking and latin sailing on a boat built by a local craftsman
Best practices in sustainable development:
  • Unique method of using a comical character “Greeny” seen at various   context around the hotel to encourage customers to undertake eco-friendly   practices.
  • Water saving from an antique   cistern allowing the rainwater to be collected and then used for gardening.