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What is the European Ecolabel ?


The European Ecolabel is an environmental label of type I based on the  EN ISO 14 024 norm.
It has been created in 1992 by the European Union to certified eco-friendly products and services.

Objective and Goal?

The Objective is to add value to product or services respectful of the environment

The goals of the European Ecolabel is to :
  • Reduce  the environmental impact generated by the manufacturing or service activity
  • Reduce  the energy and water consumption,
  • Reduce the waste production,
  • Reduce the usage of harmful substances to the environment (pollutants, chimicals)
  • Encourage the use of renewable resources ,
  • Encourage environmental communication & education (staff, guest, suppliers)
  • The label has been adapted to tourism accomodation services recently.

Type of accommodation who are eligible for Ecolabel:
  • Hotel,
  • B&B, Motel,
  • Youth hostel,
  • tourism residency, Appartements hotel,
  • Rural shelters, Guest house, Farming tourism,
  • Holiday resort,
  • Business center,
  • And other types of accommodation that provides beds for at least one night.

How to get the European Ecolabel ? 
The ongoing process to obtain a European Ecolabel is divided into 3 main steps:

Step 1: evaluation
  • 1st assessment: check the criteria deviation, non-compliance or non-applicability,
  • Set up an action plan: actions, responsible, deadline,
  • Create an “Ecolabel committee” with the head of each  of department.
Step 2: implementation
  • Comply with mandatory criteria and reach the minimum point required,
  • Train your staff on “the eco-gestures”,
  • Prepare the application form: collect all the proof.
Step 3: audit preparation
  • Fix an audit date & Send the application form,
  • Mock audit to  check potential deviation,
  • Audit,
  • Clarifications process & Audit report,
  • Certification & award ceremony,
  • Communicate officially.
The process can takes 6 to 12 months. The ShMILE 2 project will help you all along the certification process until the mock audit. The ShMILE 2 team in Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Greece, Italy and France will svae your time providing you advice and support to reach the certification.

Be supported to get the European Ecolabel!

Do not hesitate to contact the us:
Jordan: Nizar.Adarbeh@MOTA.GOV.JO