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Why you should adopt the European Ecolabel


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The EU Ecolabel on Tourist Accommodation Service is the only ecological label certified by an independent and competent body and recognised across Europe. It contributes to the growing expectations from your guests and is a unique opportunity for you to launch an environmental approach.
Be environmentally friendly

1. Lower your environmental impact: One of the goals of the EU Eco-label is to reduce your ecological footprint and this of your guests by reducing your resources’ use by strongly reducing waste, limiting your CO2 emissions and decreasing the amount pollutant releases in the air, water and soil.

2. Meet the growing expectations of your hotel guests: At least 50% of travellers are taking into account the choice the certification to choose a tourism accommodation (Enquête 2011 Afnor). 87% of the travellers are ready to trust a label guaranteeing that their trip will respect the principles of sustainable tourism (Atout France 2011). 30 % of the EU Eco-labelled hotels noticed a very important impact of the label of their occupancy rate (Enquête 2011 Afnor).

3. Open up to new clients: According to our survey among 145 tourism operators located in the Mediterranean area, more than 50% claims to be interested in organizing or offering environmentally friendly travels based on the environmental quality of the accommodation (eg. Ecolabel). These operators are also available to pay a premium price (5% to15% more) for eco-certified accommodations.
  • Lower your costs and be more competitive
4. Reduced consumption and therefore reduced costs:An Eco-labelled approach  can help you save up from 15% to 20% on your water and energy bills.

5. Improve your competitive position:Other tourism accommodations have already or are on thier way of adopting an Eco-label: there are more than 460 EU Eco-label hotels in Europe; more than 3 000 are certified Green Key and about 395 hotels are Green Globe certified. By showing you care for both the environment and your guests’ comfort, you can gain thier respect and increase customer loyalty. 22% of EU-Eco-labelled hotels noticed an increase in customer loyalty.

6. Long-term business benefits
: By working with others in the industry and by demonstrating good practice, you will help secure the protection of the local environment of which your long term business depends on.

7. Prepare yourself for legal evolutions: An Eco-label allows you to anticipate future regulations on energy efficiency struggles against climate change, health care, risk management and more.
  • Improve your image, build sustainable partnerships
8. Motivate and involve your staff: Your employees represent your greatest potential. Tap into this potential to spread positive messages, and motivate your employees by telling them that you have obtained Eco-label certification. If staff sees that you care about sustainable development, they will feel they are employed by a more caring, yet fully commercial organization. This will increase motivation, loyalty and staff effectiveness – all leading to reduced staff turnover.

9. Improve your relationships with your contractors and suppliers:
A successful environmental purchasing policy achieves improvements in environmental performance, without incurring significant extra cost and comforts a relationship of trust with your contractors and suppliers. The EU Eco-label supports the development of local food production and short supply chains.

10. Increase the positive vision of your company internally and externally
: Get involved in local and national initiatives and attend events: fairs and promotion events are a perfect place to demonstrate your high environmental sustainability to your business partners and customers. Discuss the issues with colleagues in the industry and promote “networking” of EU Eco-label and good ideas through your hotel association. This will help you gain a deeper understanding of the issues and how others are handling them. It will also help to enhance your reputation in the industry.


You are not so far from this achievement:  There is much room for improvemments on introducing new management practices and on raising customer awareness about Eco-Label. According to our survey distributed to over 200 accommodations of the Mediterranean area, many hotels are already compliant with many Eco-label criteria.

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Benefits of the European Ecolabel